Makramégarn, Braided Cords 5 mm - Bobbiny

SEK 130.00

100% recycled cotton
braided cord with cotton filling
Tool size: 8-10 mm

Premium 5mm Braided Cords are universal for many techniques. They will work not only for macrame but also for crochet and knitted projects. Their optimal size means that our 5mm Braided Cord will be perfect as your first cord!

Thanks to its braided structure, it will be perfect for both beginners and advanced users. Its 5mm diameter allows you to create your dream project quickly.

Thanks to it, you can create many different interior design elements, such as carpets, baskets or macramé. It is universal. You can create any design out of it.

We recommend using an 8-10mm crochet hook or needles for knitting. Tight stitches can be achieved with a smaller tool and looser ones with a larger tool.

Attention! This cord cannot be brushed out. You can, however, add macramé cord fringes and tassels 5mm of the same color.